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doesn't it feel good to be supirior???

gah... the human race is becoming a discrace and we all blame it on each other. no one will every accept the blame for what they have done. And no matter how hard we try not one person will understand that everyone is equal to everyone. grrr.. makes me mad.GET OVER YOUR SELF!!!!

gah well anyways. my birhtday was cool. Angie called to wish me a happy birhtday. it ment alot to me to see that she cares. =) thank you angie. Mom came to school on monday and brought me a cake and baloons. Mrs. Warren said that I didn't have to go to her class for biology so I stayed for lunch nine and took Julia with me. hehehehe.... oh well. I'm so mad I can't check my mail at the school. apperently Angie has e-mailed me and I wanna see what her card says!!!! heheh.. ok. well I should go now. bye bye.


Ps. going to rocky horror this weekend!!!
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