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::flutters wings::GOOD MORNING LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!::smiles and walks away::

life is beautiful when you're hyper!!! lol... Class meetings today. the ppl who were running for student council had to talk and give their little speeches about why they think they'd make a good president or something. (did anyone else think that Brett was completely B.S.ing her speech??) heheh. I think Julia, Katie, Emily and I should run next year. that would be fuuuun!!!!! heheh... PEACE OFF MAN!!! SUCK MY BACK! I just had to put that there. You so silly. anyways... We had an unusually long break between classes just now. way longer than the usual 5 min. oh well I'm not complaining. they played a few good songs... hehehe... wow I never thought I would be this hyper during one day at school. <~~~I just wrote that whole sentence with out looking at the screen. coolness... I really can't wait until Angie finishes the second part of her story!!! I'm telling the truth I can wait. I kinda wrote for it too... but not a lot because I don't know exactly all that's happening or will happen so I'm just writing my part. when Ang sends me her part I'm going to compare them and see if what I though was going to happen did. heheheh I think that last sentence was very very confusing. hehehe... oh well you're a smart one you can figure it out for yourself I bet. we all live in a yellow submarine whether you like it or not!!! ::evil laugh:: I think I'm gonna go check out some of my sites now. good-bye!!
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