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beautiful people....

I wanna write in some of my new poems but I cna't find my note book. I think it might be at home. darn. The week-end was fun. went to my cousins up in michigan. yayayay... that was fun (it was her 6th b-day party, mom and I went) It's much more relaxing driving up there with mom. Even when i got us lost 2 times she didn't get mad. she just thought it was funny. hehe. oh well. so what if I don't know my right from my left. suck my back man ... lol.. I'm so tired. I want people to post some comments. *please* I missed church sunday. oh well I can see my friends on wed. I think. hehehe... THEY KILLED HIM!!!! I can't believe they killed "the one armed man" lol... it's always the cute ones. (I went over and watched the x-files with Emily last night that was fun) oh well I better go now. bye bye
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