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who wears pink skirts??

ME! I'm wearing my pink ball gown skirt today. it's not tight enough in the stomach so it keep slipping up... grrr.. alonmg with that my book bag is molesting me today, I'm wearing a tank top with a button sweater over it and my book-bag keeps trying to take off my sweater.. it's scary... and my book bag is evil. for once I'm kinda not really looking forward to lunch. to many people and the silence just makes me nervous. gah. oh well.. I don't like it. some people there make me nervous. (in the lunch room that is)

All the seniors are gone. I miss them. at leased now I can safely walk through the senior hallway.. I think. hopefully.

I burned my back and it hurts alot.. AUGH!!! pain.

A bas les verts!!!!Evite de macher du chewing-gum. The french book is trying to run our lives!!! WE MUST NOT LET IT WIN!!! EVIL... EEEEEVVVVIIILLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!
ok I luv ya bye bye
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