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didn't I, didn't I, didn't I, see ya cryin'?

I'm listening to "the 80's Encore!" just because it has "I want you to want me" by cheap trick on it. I like this song. yayay.... I listened to my Rocky Horror CD today (thanks Julia) it was fun quietly singing to sweet transvestite. lol.... anyways... on friday I went to a concert in canton. it was pretty cool, a bunch of local punk bands. this one guy I don't even know wanted me to switch my skirt with his pants (meaning he would wear my skirt and I would wear his pants) but I said no.. he didn't have nice enough legs anyway. lol... I was also rave dancing and now there are like 8 ppl that want me to show them how. I really don't know if I can but I'll try. =)hmmm... nicole was annoying. ::in soft whiny voice:: why us? why us?. oh well I went to church today... t'was fun

To Ellen:
Christ tasted a bit stale today. hehe

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