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reveiw day...

yippie... 3 more days!!! and I only have to go all day for one of them!!!!
YAY! sleep will be good.
I'm hungry. lunch is next ::shouts for joy::

Elmo and I leave on the 16th for South Dakota (which is south of north dakota) yay. with the twins. boo.... grrr... it should be fun anyways. hehe =0)

Elmo went out to dinner with my family last night. it was sooo much fun. do you know how many weird looks we got. ::hits leg and moo's:: hee hee hee... Adam thinks I'm cool ::shouts for joy again:: *Abby thinks Adam's cool too* ::can't stop smieling::

I have a cut on my hand from glue (the glue stuck on my hand and when I pulled it off.. it took some of the skin with it OUCH!)

i'm reading one of my books again.. for the second time. I'm little more than half way through it and Vannessa just met Serina and Jamina. (the fourth person is Catty but she's "lost in a time warp")


bye bye now

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