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  2001.06.08  12.11
last entry

I'm changing my LJ name again. (I know its annoying but I don't want this screen name anymore.) ok.. bye bye

*e-mail me if you wan tthe addy.

Mood: bored

  2001.06.06  20.59
voulez vous couche avec moi?

::points to random people::"that offer is not for you, you , you or you." heheh... I/ve had that song stuck in my head all day.. I need to listen to want you to want me tonight. just because. hehe.. I have my french exam and I just spent an hour studying. yay. and there was much rejocing ::waves invisable flag in are and in momotone voice says "yay"::

" want you to want me. I need you to need me, I'd love you to love me..."

I gots ta pee... so good bye now!!

Mood: sleepy

  2001.06.06  11.47
25 min. left

stoopit exams.. I didn't get to finish my math exam... I'm screwed. darnit... I really needed to get a good grade on it. well screw that.. I want my fearie wings!!! gosh darn it!! lalalala... ok gonna go now... nothing else to do. bye bye....

"It was great when it all began. I was a regular franky-fan. but it was over when he had the plan... to start working on a muscle man."-columbia

Mood: stressed

  2001.06.05  20.37

julia and me fun fun

Mood: uncomfortable

  2001.06.04  20.27
story time

I think you an me are faeries. yes, we are and we cannot understand the human race because of that yeah it's just so confusing to us.. they don't approve of our wings or anything...someday soon we'll get our wings back and we can fly away from these wicked people yes...and tell them how stupid they are being to hate us beause we are different. I wanna go back to the forest and play again once again...that day will come... but not soon enough

and you look at two faeries and wonder what thy can do and what difference they can make...two out of billions...

...what do you think the forest is like?...

The forest is peaceful...it hasn't seen the hates and lies of the rest of the world...it hasn't seen the deseption and distruction by others it has remained unharm because it knows better...and the faeries show love and passion for the earth because it is what brought them here... why they stay why they live but are deceived by others and told lies and taught things that destroy them
and only few still believe...won't except the evil ways. won't give in to the evil ways...still a few long to be back... where the evil was not so strong... where love was more powerful than hate.... and didn't help feed it. where being different was a way of life...and not shunned and they live on to be the ones to bring that love back and rebuild what was lost so long ago.

story brought to you by Angie and Moi

Mood: creative

  2001.06.04  09.58
reveiw day...

yippie... 3 more days!!! and I only have to go all day for one of them!!!!
YAY! sleep will be good.
I'm hungry. lunch is next ::shouts for joy::

Elmo and I leave on the 16th for South Dakota (which is south of north dakota) yay. with the twins. boo.... grrr... it should be fun anyways. hehe =0)

Elmo went out to dinner with my family last night. it was sooo much fun. do you know how many weird looks we got. ::hits leg and moo's:: hee hee hee... Adam thinks I'm cool ::shouts for joy again:: *Abby thinks Adam's cool too* ::can't stop smieling::

I have a cut on my hand from glue (the glue stuck on my hand and when I pulled it off.. it took some of the skin with it OUCH!)

i'm reading one of my books again.. for the second time. I'm little more than half way through it and Vannessa just met Serina and Jamina. (the fourth person is Catty but she's "lost in a time warp")


bye bye now


Mood: cheerful

  2001.06.03  11.30
didn't I, didn't I, didn't I, see ya cryin'?

I'm listening to "the 80's Encore!" just because it has "I want you to want me" by cheap trick on it. I like this song. yayay.... I listened to my Rocky Horror CD today (thanks Julia) it was fun quietly singing to sweet transvestite. lol.... anyways... on friday I went to a concert in canton. it was pretty cool, a bunch of local punk bands. this one guy I don't even know wanted me to switch my skirt with his pants (meaning he would wear my skirt and I would wear his pants) but I said no.. he didn't have nice enough legs anyway. lol... I was also rave dancing and now there are like 8 ppl that want me to show them how. I really don't know if I can but I'll try. =)hmmm... nicole was annoying. ::in soft whiny voice:: why us? why us?. oh well I went to church today... t'was fun

To Ellen:
Christ tasted a bit stale today. hehe


Mood: chipper

  2001.05.31  21.10


Ryan is a member of the Mall Rats

He is really Cute (in my opinion)

He's a bit slow but we won't hold that against him

He wears camo pants

He's really nice

He's protective of the ones he loves

He has awesome hair

he was sent off to boot camp for about 6 months where he met Lex

He helps lex out alot

He doesn't desirve how lex treats him

And finally


lol not really I wish

(I feel better now. gonan go sleepy by now.. bye bye)

Mood: sleepy

  2001.05.31  20.35
one thing to say


Mood: ditzy

  2001.05.30  09.40
I gotta go to the mall...

I need to buy some dress up wings.... yay...

I lost 3.2 pounds last week! go me, go me... ::does happy dance:: hopefully I'll loose lot's more by the end of the summer... or at leased 10 pounds by the time I meet Drewlol... bwa hahahaha

Don't forget me. I won't forget you, I'll remember all the things we always said we'd do. If you say you won't forget me too. ::cries::

I miss people. I miss Paige, and Angie, and Jennie, and aunt Karin.

I was looking at old pictures last night... I was really cute as a kid... someone tell me what the hell happened... yesterday Jaris(sp?) told me I looked pretty... that was a surprise... well not really...he's always really nice to me after swimming class... I don't get it. <~~confusing

hmmm.... 3.2, 3.2, 3.2, 3.2, 3.2, 3.2 YAY!!!

Mood: confused

  2001.05.29  10.07
who wears pink skirts??

ME! I'm wearing my pink ball gown skirt today. it's not tight enough in the stomach so it keep slipping up... grrr.. alonmg with that my book bag is molesting me today, I'm wearing a tank top with a button sweater over it and my book-bag keeps trying to take off my sweater.. it's scary... and my book bag is evil. for once I'm kinda not really looking forward to lunch. to many people and the silence just makes me nervous. gah. oh well.. I don't like it. some people there make me nervous. (in the lunch room that is)

All the seniors are gone. I miss them. at leased now I can safely walk through the senior hallway.. I think. hopefully.

I burned my back and it hurts alot.. AUGH!!! pain.

A bas les verts!!!!Evite de macher du chewing-gum. The french book is trying to run our lives!!! WE MUST NOT LET IT WIN!!! EVIL... EEEEEVVVVIIILLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!
ok I luv ya bye bye

Mood: bouncy

  2001.05.28  15.01
memorial day at grandma's

::rolls eyes:: I would much rather be at home cleaning my room. that shows you how bored I am. Allthese old people scare me.. to many complements on my hair. few people recognize me. (wearing my gay pride head band today and no one realizes it, *keighly made me buy it*)oh well.. I'
m bored... I should have brought my Cd in from the car. Maybe I can check Deb's napster song library.. ok. well I gotta go now. bye bye.

Mood: bored

  2001.05.25  10.15
Tinker bell



  2001.05.25  09.58
Fairy day....

Adina said that my hair cut makes me look like a fairy(in a good way) yay! I gotta go buy some of those fairy wings to wear. maybe monday before exams. maybe... hopefully.

I think I might have to re-dye my hair. it's not as dark as I would like it to be but it does look nice. I dunno if I want to go into the all out black. HELP perhaps some of my friends would give me some advice. (hint hint, nudge nudge) hmmm... lalalalal....

He's a lumberjack and he's OK. he sleeps all night and he works all day... He cuts down tree's he wears high heels suspenders... and ... a bra???? - lumberjack song, Monty Python.

Anyways. I wanna have a fairy day.. but I don't have anything that would be in the leased bit like a fairy dress.. Hot topic has tuns of dresses that I would use if I had the money. but I don't. oh well...

I'm gonna go now. bye bye.

Mood: amused

  2001.05.23  09.37
rave dancing at a WW meeting...

heheh... that was fun last night... I won't go into depth about what I did... but it was still fun to do. I get my hair cut TOMORROW! grrr... it was supposed to be done yesterday and then today but it'll be done by tomorrow.... and then I don't even get to put the stripes in it until after the Rez. oh well.. how will I ever meet Drew? lol... hahahaha... I'm bored... I can't wait until I get home. I'm gonna go to sleep... well after (of course) I look for Angies letter(s)... oh well I think that I'm just dumb. Im gonna go now. bye bye.

P.S: this post has no real meaning I'm just being dumb.

oh yeah.. it was funny. my CD player went off in the middle of French class and i had it on full blast. It was amazing that mrs. Six didn't hear my Luna Halo Cd. ( I guess that's not really funny is it.)

Mood: ditzy

  2001.05.21  09.44
beautiful people....

I wanna write in some of my new poems but I cna't find my note book. I think it might be at home. darn. The week-end was fun. went to my cousins up in michigan. yayayay... that was fun (it was her 6th b-day party, mom and I went) It's much more relaxing driving up there with mom. Even when i got us lost 2 times she didn't get mad. she just thought it was funny. hehe. oh well. so what if I don't know my right from my left. suck my back man ... lol.. I'm so tired. I want people to post some comments. *please* I missed church sunday. oh well I can see my friends on wed. I think. hehehe... THEY KILLED HIM!!!! I can't believe they killed "the one armed man" lol... it's always the cute ones. (I went over and watched the x-files with Emily last night that was fun) oh well I better go now. bye bye

Mood: lazy

  2001.05.18  09.48
I want you to want me...

I've had that song in my head the entire day. hehe. I like that song. And for some reason I can't type today. heheh... I get my hair cut on Tuesday!!! yay!!! then I get to dye it "dark brown" with Electric green streaks. YAY! I'm sooo happy.. I'm so excited and you know what?? I just cat hide it! lol. I think that gotta go... tomorrow I leave for michigan. ok. bye bye...


Mood: excited

  2001.05.17  10.01
::flutters wings::GOOD MORNING LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!::smiles and walks away::

life is beautiful when you're hyper!!! lol... Class meetings today. the ppl who were running for student council had to talk and give their little speeches about why they think they'd make a good president or something. (did anyone else think that Brett was completely B.S.ing her speech??) heheh. I think Julia, Katie, Emily and I should run next year. that would be fuuuun!!!!! heheh... PEACE OFF MAN!!! SUCK MY BACK! I just had to put that there. You so silly. anyways... We had an unusually long break between classes just now. way longer than the usual 5 min. oh well I'm not complaining. they played a few good songs... hehehe... wow I never thought I would be this hyper during one day at school. <~~~I just wrote that whole sentence with out looking at the screen. coolness... I really can't wait until Angie finishes the second part of her story!!! I'm telling the truth I can wait. I kinda wrote for it too... but not a lot because I don't know exactly all that's happening or will happen so I'm just writing my part. when Ang sends me her part I'm going to compare them and see if what I though was going to happen did. heheheh I think that last sentence was very very confusing. hehehe... oh well you're a smart one you can figure it out for yourself I bet. we all live in a yellow submarine whether you like it or not!!! ::evil laugh:: I think I'm gonna go check out some of my sites now. good-bye!!

Mood: hyper

  2001.05.15  09.44
one last sad song

I'm so tired. I amazingly slept through my entire CD that was supposed to wake me up this morning even though I had the volume on 18. wow. hehe... Dammit Janet I love you!!! we had the choir concert last night. that was fun. I guess. I think total chaos describes it best. we really had no idea what the heck we were doing. gah. oh well. I guess some people liked it. both of my families were there. Mine and Katies that is. I like katies family. they're so nice to me. they always have been. =) oh well. my stomach hurts. I don't eat in the morning anymore so by the time lunch comes around I'm STARVING!!!! hehe. HI ANGIE!!!! I gotta write you as letter or something. soon dear soon I will. I can't believe it's only tuesday. I wish it were friday because then tomorrow i could get online at home and check my mail. but that's not going to happen being as today is flubbin' TUESDAY lalala lalala

One last sad song playes on the radio
saying goodye to all the hopes that you know.
just one last song
one last sad song.....

Mood: drunk

  2001.05.14  09.37
Smart is not a 4 letter word. that would be smar.

daria quote for the day. I'm so tired. I woke up at 4:30 today. yay.. my week-end was fun even though we didn't get to go to the movie. Julia brought it over and we watched it the good ol fashion way. (poping it into the VCR and fast forwarding through the preveiws.) it was really fun. we also watched ferngully (we being Katie d, Julia, and Elmo) hehe... ::stands on branch and starts slipping backwards:: oops.. gravity works...::falls off branch:: heheh. after that we asked Elmos all knowing ouiji board a few q's. Dwaylen (or sould I say Dewfs)is doing fine Elmo (I forget how to spell his name as well) hahahaha. I'm so tired. I think we wound up falling asleep around 4:00 in the morning. yayay.... sleep. Oh yeah I also went to the elms dance last friday. that was sooo much fun. it made me sad that Dan didn't come. ='( oh well. I slow danced with ellen, then kevin Joined and the Noelle and this mike guythat she asked to come along joined. And there was much staring. heheh. but it was still fun rave dancing and having people become envious. Why not me? WHY NOT ME??? oh yeah and I apperently slow danced with Jaron. someone who I'd not seen in like 4 years. wow. it was scary. gah... scary. ::folds arms across chest and starts to rock backd and forth:: oh well I better go. It is soooo darn cold in here. oh well. Bye Bye.

Mood: cold

  2001.05.12  12.38

I'm supposed to have my b-day party today. we were supposed to go to rocky horror but my mom won't let us. now I feel like I've let people down. I'm so dumb. why does the theater have to be in a "bad part of town" darn it. I feel so bad. I didn't mean to let you guys down. it's my fault we can't go i guess. sorry sorry sorry

I'll write about the dance later. not feeling up to it now

Mood: disappointed

  2001.05.11  10.37
I dn't like these computers

I don't like the computers in the biology room. I really don't. I shouldn't bee looking at the eys while I type. trying to get out of that habit but you know what i don't care. it helps me type faster some how. (not really but I don't care about that either) sean was at lunch today scaring katie and Alisa away. hehehe... twas fun. I'm going to the elms dance tonight with ellen, noelle and some other people. and hopefully DAN!!!!GAH TO GO!


  2001.05.09  09.48
doesn't it feel good to be supirior???

gah... the human race is becoming a discrace and we all blame it on each other. no one will every accept the blame for what they have done. And no matter how hard we try not one person will understand that everyone is equal to everyone. grrr.. makes me mad.GET OVER YOUR SELF!!!!

gah well anyways. my birhtday was cool. Angie called to wish me a happy birhtday. it ment alot to me to see that she cares. =) thank you angie. Mom came to school on monday and brought me a cake and baloons. Mrs. Warren said that I didn't have to go to her class for biology so I stayed for lunch nine and took Julia with me. hehehehe.... oh well. I'm so mad I can't check my mail at the school. apperently Angie has e-mailed me and I wanna see what her card says!!!! heheh.. ok. well I should go now. bye bye.


Ps. going to rocky horror this weekend!!!

Mood: discontent

  2001.05.05  14.02
I hope you weake up and do your best to understand that I can't be your superman

lalalla... I got 3 cd's last night for my birthday from my dad because he won't be here on monday. I got Luna Halo-Shimmer, dc Talk-solo, and the Beatles-1. yay I'm so happy. heheh. I had to clean today really didn't want to but I had to. Ellen might be coming over later beore I have to leave. I have the play tonight. yay. I'm so excited!!!! this should be fun. I hope it's better than wed. I hope I hope I hope. heheh I just have soooooo much faith in the cast. maybe if some of them had shown up all the time it would have been better. grrr. oh well I did my part. hehehe I'm sleepy and my feet hurt. wa! lol. I really have nothing to say. oh well I should go now. talk to y'all later!!

Mood: hyper

  2001.04.30  09.48
where to place the blame

grrr... well thi was an interesting week-end. I had a lot of fun.... with the mall and all.. I just wish school wouldn't start so soon. oh well I wrote 2 poems the other day... quite nice...
Katie D.- I have a poem for you thatI think you might be able to turn into a song for your band if you want.

I dunno why I'm even updating.. ok.. bye bye!


Mood: annoyed

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