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Smart is not a 4 letter word. that would be smar.

daria quote for the day. I'm so tired. I woke up at 4:30 today. yay.. my week-end was fun even though we didn't get to go to the movie. Julia brought it over and we watched it the good ol fashion way. (poping it into the VCR and fast forwarding through the preveiws.) it was really fun. we also watched ferngully (we being Katie d, Julia, and Elmo) hehe... ::stands on branch and starts slipping backwards:: oops.. gravity works...::falls off branch:: heheh. after that we asked Elmos all knowing ouiji board a few q's. Dwaylen (or sould I say Dewfs)is doing fine Elmo (I forget how to spell his name as well) hahahaha. I'm so tired. I think we wound up falling asleep around 4:00 in the morning. yayay.... sleep. Oh yeah I also went to the elms dance last friday. that was sooo much fun. it made me sad that Dan didn't come. ='( oh well. I slow danced with ellen, then kevin Joined and the Noelle and this mike guythat she asked to come along joined. And there was much staring. heheh. but it was still fun rave dancing and having people become envious. Why not me? WHY NOT ME??? oh yeah and I apperently slow danced with Jaron. someone who I'd not seen in like 4 years. wow. it was scary. gah... scary. ::folds arms across chest and starts to rock backd and forth:: oh well I better go. It is soooo darn cold in here. oh well. Bye Bye.
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