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one last sad song

I'm so tired. I amazingly slept through my entire CD that was supposed to wake me up this morning even though I had the volume on 18. wow. hehe... Dammit Janet I love you!!! we had the choir concert last night. that was fun. I guess. I think total chaos describes it best. we really had no idea what the heck we were doing. gah. oh well. I guess some people liked it. both of my families were there. Mine and Katies that is. I like katies family. they're so nice to me. they always have been. =) oh well. my stomach hurts. I don't eat in the morning anymore so by the time lunch comes around I'm STARVING!!!! hehe. HI ANGIE!!!! I gotta write you as letter or something. soon dear soon I will. I can't believe it's only tuesday. I wish it were friday because then tomorrow i could get online at home and check my mail. but that's not going to happen being as today is flubbin' TUESDAY lalala lalala

One last sad song playes on the radio
saying goodye to all the hopes that you know.
just one last song
one last sad song.....
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