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rave dancing at a WW meeting...

heheh... that was fun last night... I won't go into depth about what I did... but it was still fun to do. I get my hair cut TOMORROW! grrr... it was supposed to be done yesterday and then today but it'll be done by tomorrow.... and then I don't even get to put the stripes in it until after the Rez. oh well.. how will I ever meet Drew? lol... hahahaha... I'm bored... I can't wait until I get home. I'm gonna go to sleep... well after (of course) I look for Angies letter(s)... oh well I think that I'm just dumb. Im gonna go now. bye bye.

P.S: this post has no real meaning I'm just being dumb.

oh yeah.. it was funny. my CD player went off in the middle of French class and i had it on full blast. It was amazing that mrs. Six didn't hear my Luna Halo Cd. ( I guess that's not really funny is it.)
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