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story time

I think you an me are faeries. yes, we are and we cannot understand the human race because of that yeah it's just so confusing to us.. they don't approve of our wings or anything...someday soon we'll get our wings back and we can fly away from these wicked people yes...and tell them how stupid they are being to hate us beause we are different. I wanna go back to the forest and play again once again...that day will come... but not soon enough

and you look at two faeries and wonder what thy can do and what difference they can make...two out of billions...

...what do you think the forest is like?...

The forest is peaceful...it hasn't seen the hates and lies of the rest of the world...it hasn't seen the deseption and distruction by others it has remained unharm because it knows better...and the faeries show love and passion for the earth because it is what brought them here... why they stay why they live but are deceived by others and told lies and taught things that destroy them
and only few still believe...won't except the evil ways. won't give in to the evil ways...still a few long to be back... where the evil was not so strong... where love was more powerful than hate.... and didn't help feed it. where being different was a way of life...and not shunned and they live on to be the ones to bring that love back and rebuild what was lost so long ago.

story brought to you by Angie and Moi
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