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  2001.04.28  19.30
gah... so tired!

I had a fun filled weekend!! lets start with thursday shall we?

Thursday: school stinks no matter what... I had to skip out on play practice... it was just singing... but I had a reason... I got to go to the delirious? concert... it was all worth it. oh gosh... 8th row center right in front of martin... so sexy... anyways it rocked.... I had so much fun. well we got home at around 11:30 and I went straight to bed..

Friday: woke up at about 11:30... I should have gone to play practice but I didn't know about it i swear!!! It wasn't on my calender or anything... oh well so I basically stayed home the entire day.. until my parents got home and I went over to my grandma's and cleaned windows for her... after that I went to the battle of the bands.... some of the bands were pretty good... but I dpon't think that "jaded era" should have won. darn outsiders... lol... well then after that I went over to Katie D.'s with Nicole, Lisa, Emily, Kaighly, Steph, Mike, Ryan, and Whittney. that was fun.. we almost set katie's tree on fire.. oops.... to many fire lovers in our group. hehehe... oh well. then we just basically sat around talking and stuff... listened to music... around 2:00am we ordered blair witch 2 book of shadows... by the end only me, Lisa, and Nicole were up. we were like what the hell happened... it was so confusing there wasn't even a book or anything... so confused. oh well.. then since Lisa, Nicole and I were the only ones up we desided to start talking about religion and government, and stuff like that it was really cool... eventually we went to bed around 4:30

Saturday (today):woke up around 9:45 and just kinda sat and did nothing... then we started playing a game called spoons. that was cool.. then we were hungry and made a pizza. yuuum. heheh... after that Metra, Angela, and Emily came over (emily had to leave to go to choir)they practiced their little skit for english... when they were done we all went to the mall and met ANGIE!!!!! yay... that was sooo fun!!!! well after that I went back over to my granda's finished cleaning her windows and took a nap... and now I'm here...

ok well now that I've wasted so much time good bye.. time to sleep!

Mood: I need more user pics

  2001.04.21  20.14
Bend until you break.

hmmm.. I've been feeling kinda alone lately. Like I don't fit in anywhere with my friends or my family. weird how you can feel all handy-dandy one day and then like crap the next. I'm so spoiled. Yesterday was my dad's birthday and I was mad because going outto dinner almost caused me to miss my show... dang I'm spoiled... I hate it. I wish I wasn't I wish I wasn't sucha bad person. I just don't know who to talk to any more. It odd when all of your friends are completely different.just don't know who to talk to or if any of them will understand. I feel like U;m missing out on something someone tell me what.

Mood: blah

  2001.04.16  13.32
Is the Answer in the Question?

Wonder and complete surprise
It's all seen through those eyes
Tired, lonely and afraid
Every card's been played

So where do we go? And what should we do?
And why is the table set for two?
Is the answer in the question? I need some more direction/suggestions
Was the answer in the question all along?

Love, hate, life and certain death
All in just one breath
Mixed up, straight down, opened, closed down
Created, then unwound

I really like htis song... if you want you can go to MXPX.com and check out some of theeir other songs.

Mood: amused

  2001.04.16  13.00
Misplaced Memories

I'm sitting here, eating Hash browns with a stupid little plastic cupcake heart decoration (the ones emily stuck on our foreheads lol.) and listening to Misplaced memories by MXPX on repeat. I'm dumb... lol... I'm so bored. Easter was so fun. The Easter breakfast rocked. I had so much fun but it was a lot of hard work. my youth leader made about 400 dollors for our mission trip to south dakota. yay.. Lucky is somewhere in the mountains. hehehe (ellen and I were eating lucky charms and figured he was somewhere there) I'm nuts ok I should go... I'm so tired.. I need abook to read... I'm gonna go get a picture to put up here. ok. bye.

Mood: drained

  2001.04.13  15.02

hmm.. I'm thinking about putting a collage on here... I'll have to upload it though... more work for me... mom and dad are at some rare book show thing... they tried to convince me to go with them saying I m ight find some old teen books there... I'm like no. that's ok. oh well. I've noticed that most ofmy entries are like one big sentance. ho-hum. shools out until tues. YAY. hmm.. gonna go get my collage... be back soon.


Mood: bored

  2001.03.23  18.46

Hey, I'm at Kates. she's taking a nap now and she said I could look online. fun fun fun. I'm getting sleepy too. I've had a weird week. I blacked out in the pool yesterday. fun fun fun. it was freaky. oh well. There's really nothing much else to talk about. Elicia came to school today with Julia. t'was cool. and in Biology Mrs. Warren and I were talking about how much we miss angie. I wonder how things are going in MN. I hope she's having fun. =) oh well. I'm trying to talk to kyle but he's not responding ... talked to Chris today.... THAT was intersting. hehehe... Kate and I were condusing him. heheh. fun fun fun. oh yeah play practice yesterday was fun fun. we learned the dances to "hunny bun" Matt really needs to loosen up.. it was hillarious... he couldn't hula.. oh well.. I guess I better go now. bye bye.

Mood: calm

  2001.03.19  18.28
It's been a long day coming

and long will it last when it's last day leaving and I'm helping it pass by loving you more....

I miss justin, odd isn't it. but hey the weekdays seem to be really hard. I wish I got to see him more. when he is home he's at adina's. I love adina very much.. but justin when he's around her it's like his family is invisable. grrr...oh well

I was just thinking about hte chat I had with KT te other day about boyfriends and how we don't wat someone who will come upto us and jst proclaim their love... but some one who's like "hey, you seem to be really nice would you like to go someplace to talk a bit?" no mushy gooshy "I love you kiss me" crap. at leased not yet. oh well.. I guess I get kinda upset when I see all the couples walking down the halls hand in hand.. becasue I'd like someone to hold my hand. oh well... I shouldn't say I feel left out and that everyone has a boyfriemd or a girlfriend.. becasue I know that's not true. (this argument seems alot more interesting when it's said face to face to somebody) oh well. I guess I better go now.

Mood: thoughtful

  2001.03.16  21.02
why is it...

Why is it that whenever I'm hyper, afterwards I just kinda get all sad and stuff? I don't get it. oh well. I took my camera to school yesterday and he didn't show up. =( Angie Kaite and I were looking for him the entire lunch period. fun fun fun. I really don't want to go down to mrs. Oakleafs room at lunch today. I just kinda want to hang out with my lunch table groupies. and Mark but that's another story. heheh. I gota new watch today. if haslike a magic 8 ball thing on it... it lies. oh well. I'm really bored. I think I won't go down to mrs. oakleafs room ad say i just fogot. there fore I need to do what I was going to do now. ok. bye!!


Mood: confused

  2001.03.15  09.53
lalalal... camera's are fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

I brought my cvamera to school today. I like my camera. I think it's cool. I've taken about 5 pictu5res and becky took 2 (1 by accedent). oh well. I have 36 exposures. lalalalala. SOmeone very "special" should be coming to school today. heheh.. I can't wait. oh well.. ok.. some kid just walked by my chair and flipped my hair. I'm about to kill him! grr.. never touch my hair! just ahint of advice.. unless you're someone I know. grrr... oh well I think I probably should go do the thing Ms. Oakleaf wants me to do for my english report. ok. bye bye.


Mood: blah

  2001.03.14  09.41
lalalal... song time

Me likes to go down to the church and drink the holy water.
Moma don't like it, the preast don't like it
But me's can't seem to help it
Sing away-o away-o
Live me life free like a birdy
'Cuz me likes me.
Me likes what me do
And me's can't seem to help it!
I went down to the zoo
Saw the monkeys
Oo.. Oo.. Oo
Saw a girraffe too
He did make any sound.=(
Gosh I love that song!! heheh Oh well. I got my pants!!! I love my pants their .. oh... what's teh word I'm looking for???? OH THAT'S IT! THEIR HUGE! He he he. I love my pants. Julia(poison) and I are ahveing amisfit day. we both wore our baggy pats and our misfits shirts (Julia just got hers today becasue I gave it to her.) yippy! anyways. i'm really tired. I had a french test last period. yay. NOT! hmm.... play practice was fun last night. There is something wrong with the men on the Island of the south pacific. heheh... Emille has somehting to tell Nellie and so does billis. hehe. Deana Holy and I were reciting Monty Python all during our "free time" it was so fun! hehe.. oh well I think I better go now. bye bye!


Mood: crazy

  2001.03.12  09.41
well apperently I have to resort to using the schools internet again... I'm still grounded

Grr.. I had a fun/crappy weekend. Friday and Saturday were fun. Katie and I stayed up and had a nice religious chat. we talked about the catholics and about how much their veiws are different than ours. (in now way shape or form was I ragging on them for their veiws. I know lots of people who are catholic and I respect their veiws as much as they respect mine.) anyways. we also had a long chat about what happened to Ja'marc. It really upsets me! I mean come on I really don't think he wiould do that and this is probably going to ruin Razes entire career. darn it!

Today in Homeroom we took trhis stupid "Love Connection" quiz thing and we can pay (if we want to) to see who we are compatable with. fun fun fun. I might acctually do it just for fun I mean ya never know. French was boring as usual. but hey I like french although I would rather be taking it in Quebec with my mom... (that will hopefully happen dring the summer... hopefully)

Anyways back to my weekend. Well on sunday I went to the mall with my mom. I got this cool shirt, which I am wearing now. I like it, it's striped black white grey and grey/blue. I was in a really bad mood on sunday. anything set me off i cried almost the entire day except for at church. Ellen, Julie, and Marcus were there, Marcus is very tickelish btw. heheh That made me feel better. It's always good to be surrounded by some good friends when you're upset. at leased from most of my experiances it's good. (can't say much for today though) (I was just looking around at the people on the other computers and there's Ceira makikng a happy anniversary card for someone. Is it me or is she always making a happy anniversary card??) I dunno could just be me.

Last night was fun though. I had a bead party with James. James is cool. I get mad at him sometimes and my parents don't really like him but I think he's cool. he brought over his beads and each of us made six braclets. I like mine I wore all of my bead bracelets except for one because I wanted them to be even. so I have my fishy one my "candy" one, my pink blue and purple one, and the one that Ian made me, and also the one that I bought at Acme for 50 cents from one of those little machine things. I also have one my Freak one my teddy bear one, mu butterfly one, my glow in the dark heart one, my purple star one and my blue glow in the dark one. (all of whiche except fro the butterfly one were made last night)Oh yeah I forgot about my "I love America one" heheh... I's just got red while and blue stars on it and a big heart in the middle. hehehe... ok I'm really dumb... I like James. James is cool! he's nice too. (btw James is not my BF or anything like that he's ione of my brothers friends.) anyway I should probably go now. bye bye!


Mood: discontent

  2001.03.10  16.56
They painted up your secrets, with the lies they told to you....

I love the Goo Goo Dolls!! I'm still at Katie's house. I've staying here and then we're going to a dinner party thingy. KAte and I had this awesome talk about Religion last night. My reasoning we because of what happened to Ja' marc. I really hope that it's not true. anyways. did I mention how much I love the Goo Goo Dolls? I missed listening to them. I kinda tappered off for a while. but now i'm back on. ok. This is pointless. I better go now. bye bye!


Mood: giggly

  2001.03.09  22.38
Hey Guys,

I'm spending the night at Katie's house and her brother just got home... er.. gotta go now.. bye bye.. (interesting.. ) bye bye!


Mood: cold

  2001.03.09  21.57
Todd looks like a left over!!

I'm sorry but he does!!! Prima!!!! grrrr....

Mood: amused

  2001.03.09  21.34
not updated in a while

hmm.. well tonight I'm gonan be spending the night at Katies. This should be fun. Yay! I'm also probably going to be staying with her during the time that my parents are away. yippie skippy. =] I'm bored. We're celibrating Angies birthday today. *_* YAY! I feel kinda bad becasue IO MADE her open her present this morning instead of lunch. gah. stoopid stoopid me. oh well. I got her a hot pink feather boa. it's pretty cool if I do say so myself. I think today is just one of those Dumb days. not really bad but you just kinda feel dumb. hehe oh well. When I got into the computer lab today beau was there when we were signing in and was like "hey abby. havwn't talked to you yet this year have I?" I'm like "you're right" while on the inside I'm thinking "why can't it just stay that way?" I can't stand beau not since begining of 8th grade. I've never talked to him until today. I think I'm gonna go now and start looking for lyrics. ok bye bye!!

Mood: devious

  2001.03.05  09.46
yet again I'm in the Library.

I'm so bored here. I guess I'll update about my weekend. Starting with Friday..

Friday Keighly loned me the book runaways so I read that most of the day after school. I've gottan into the habit of reading a couple books aweek if I have any. I called Marcus when I got home I think he thought I was Cindy for a while (trust me he'll pay for that) After that I took a nap then when I finally woke up we went out to dinner and for some reason or another I was so upset I just practically cried the entire car ride there. I really don't know why. I told my parents that it was because of Angie moving soon but that wasn't it. I knew they wouldn't want to hear the fact that I didn't know again. but the truth is I didn't and I really wish I could figure out these damn emtions of mine (oh look now I'm angry there we go. it's starting already)

I went to the mall with Amelia. that was so fun! "Diana ross is back, fat, and White!" lol... we both tried on the white sequine dress. it was really nice.. then I started spinning around like a balarina that was confused and thought she was a disco ball. I got my cowboy hat finally too. it's blue and shiney. I really like it. I've wanted it for the longest time. I almost got a boa to go with it but I didn't see the price and wasn't about you ask someone. so I came home with money for once. =] yay! go me!! ::does dance:: there really weren't that many cute goth boys to stalk this time though. I was sad =[ although I did see a bunch of people I know from school such as Paige Hollingsworthm Bill Haus (who by the was put his sunglasses on when he walked passed me so that I wouldn't see who it was. it really didn't work though did it?) Oh and I also say langna (??) from my biology class. she didn't see to notice me though, yay.. I mean ... uh.. darn. ::looks around suspiciously:: so that was the fun of my saturday.

I got up and went to church. sang in the band because John and taken the "youths" that wanted to go to holliday valley; to Holliday Valley. So that was fun I should have done a sermon summery. but I'll go next week and do it. When I got home I read a litte and finished my book. then I took another nap. while I was alsoeep my parents went to the store and actually bought some food that I like. YAY! then that was about it. I see teh new lone gunman show. I liked it although no one else did. but I've always like the lone gunmen so that's just me.

Well so far today I got up at 5:55 and took a shower then tried to turn my hair into something at leased a little bit cool. it's desent. I have it in to half pony tails that are into 4 braids and my "bangs" are just kinda there. i like it but it isn't exactly what I wanted. I can fix it when I get home though. make it look good for tomorrow. Then when I got to school I put my stuff in my locker and went over to my little groups corner. I saw julia talking to some one I didnt recognize until I got closer. it was Angie. she got her hair cut!! It look so nice on her. I think it would look really cool if she spiked it too. Angie's just got something about her that would make that totally awesome! =} I wish I had enough guts to cut my hair that short but I don't I think I'm gonna grow it out so I can do some funky things to it and dye it pink blue and purple. (awe yeah I can't wait!!) ok well I think I'm gonna go now. it's almost time for lunch and I'm starved!! ok. bye bye!


Mood: I want pancakes & choc. donuts

  2001.03.01  09.51

Remind me sometime that killing other people that tick you off won't solve the problem. I really would like to hurt somebody right now!!! (that person shall remain nameless) and my choir isn't helping at all. They need to stop complaining about how mrs. Hinkle is sick and no one knows what to do so what's the point in even practicing. well dearies the point is this WE HAVE A FREAKIN CHOIR CONCERT MONDAY AND WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!! WE CAN'T JUST SIT AND DO NOTHING AND NOT EVEN MEMORIZE OUR PARTS.. WE HAVE 4 DAYS LEFT FOR HEAVENS SAKE HELP US OUT AND SING!!!!!! ok bye

Mood: pissed off

  2001.02.27  10.06
Wow it's Mardi Gras!

Hey people... I'm really bored.. I'm in the Library talking with Becky who's sitting next to me. we had a party in french today it was really fun I just hope I can go up and et my bagels before lunch begins. ok hmmm there's really not much to say yet. lunch is next so that should strike up some interesting conversations. I hope. Carrots are not vitamins. YAY! down with Carrots... ok so maybe that 2nd and 3rd part weren't originaly there but my brain told me to add that in. heheh bad brain bad bad. perhaps I should go before my brain tell s me to set fire to my shirt and rold in a box of explosive for an hour. if I make it that long. ok. I better go now. bye bye

Mood: drunk

  2001.02.24  18.43
I want my dang pants!!!!

I want some wide leg baggy pants!! grrr. I went to the outlet store today in Lodi with my parents and my Grandma. I really didn't have that much fun but it was nice to hang out with my family abit. well on the way there I was listening to my CD player with Intermission playing. So I have it on Shuffle and here are the first two songs that are played: The hardway and My will...I just about wanted to cry. you know there are just some that I can really connect with... and those 2 are some of them. oh well. I got a candle at the "mall" and some pajamas. fuuun.. I really wanna talk to Julia now... oh well. hmm.. I think I'm gonna go "surfing" nw.. ttyl bye

Mood: discontent

  2001.02.23  14.11
woopdy freakin' do...

here we go again... I'm lost... I'm trying to be happy but when everybody is so upset it's really hard not be upset along side with them. I wish i knew what the hell was going on... I must seem so thick headed.... Damn I don't want to be the problem anymore and I hope I'm not ... I've been the problem for to long and sucks. I'm sorry for all the screw ups I've made and all the lies I've told and just for everything wrong that I've ever done. I'm sorry to all those that I've hurt and I forgive all those that have hurt me. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
Damn even my Hardcore music can't cheer me up

Mood: distressed

  2001.02.23  13.59
What tree I fell from

heheh... I got this e-mail from my aunt and it's this celtic astrology thing... apperently I fell from the Poplar tree.. this is my description

POPLAR TREE (the Uncertainty) -
looks very decorative, not very self-confident, only courageous if necessary, needs goodwill and pleasant surroundings, very choosy, often lonely, great animosity, artistic nature, good organizer, tends to lean toward philosophy, reliable in any situation, takes partnership seriously.

I think that seems to describe me pretty well. I went to te CSITCO (sp?) Play lastnight at school. it was pretty cool.. I thought it was very funny.... Justin is letting me listen to his ZAO CD.. ::Smile::I'm very cold... you wanna make a deal? a deal with the devil? That's the begingin to one of my fave. ZAO songs. heheh... ok.. I wasthinking last night about how long I have until I can drive... 8 months and 12 days... hehe I'm alooser.. oh well. bye bye

Mood: crazy

  2001.02.21  18.58

really not that much to say... I think I looked really nice today in confermation class.. I dunno why I "dressed up" but I did... oh well... <~~~being boring... but hey I can't complain I love my life... I'ma real Kick now a days... I've been noticing alot more good things about me and my friends... but I've also noticed somethings that I don't like... but I'm trying to ignore that. oh well I gotta go now. bye bye!

Mood: flirty

  2001.02.18  09.44
g'morning everyone

hey, I'm soo tired I just got back from church... t'was interesting. Ellen wants to find me a boyfriend.... she was thinking up possabilities last night on the phone. it was kinda funny.... heheh anyways... I have a "party" to go to tonight... yay! lalalal I really wanna listen to ZAO!!! grrr... justin just had to loose his other CD cover didn't he?? (he won't let me borrow the Zao CD until he finds his other CD cover. =( oh well I needa copy of the CD! hmmm... oh well... I'm going to the mall today so maybe I can get it there??? never know I just need some MONEY!!! tee-hee hee.. ok... well I guess I better go now... bye bye!

Mood: cold

  2001.02.14  16.23
Happy valentines day?

This holiday seems so pointless unless you have someone to be with. I really don't get it. Dina made up this big surprise for Justin. it's prettu cool. oh well. I just don't get this holiday. I've been thinking alot this past few days. asking myself alot of questions. I've been looking at my ZAO lyrics alot too. I like Autopsy, if these scars could speak and Kathleen Barbra the best. ok well I gotta go now. bye bye

Mood: annoyed

  2001.02.12  15.49
Gah what song is this?????

I'm listening to one of my new fave. songs! I've been down here before, all my bones and joints are sore bend my way out of the wreck again, I've been down here before lost myself and so much more find my way out of the game again... You've lost what made you you or maybe I never knew... I love that song!!! ah Julia you have to tell me what it is!!!! gah!!! ok.. that's all I gotta say. Mom's taking me and a few of my friends to the Riley concert tonight in norton! yay! ok bye bye!


Mood: amused

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